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Possession ranks highest for crimes committed on UND campus

College is a wide-eyed time of your life where new experiences abound. As students living on campus, you are un-controlled by your parents house rules, yet still under legal accountability should a crime be committed. It is important to realize that campus crimes are just as serious as crimes committed outside the seemingly protective college-bubble.

The tendency is to feel too comfortable in your new element and forget the risk you run as a minor with state and federal laws prevailing over you. Not only do crimes complicate your academic reputation but they can completely delay your initial life plans as you face legal consequences.

What to do if you slip and fall on ice

North Dakota has no shortage of freezing cold weather. Although a winter wonderland can be fitting for the holiday season, it also creates hazards like slippery roads and sidewalks.

This is why winter can be the most dangerous time of the year in terms of personal injuries like falling on ice. It's important to know what to do after suffering a slip-and-fall accident. In some cases, you might be able to file a claim to receive compensation.

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