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Possession ranks highest for crimes committed on UND campus

College is a wide-eyed time of your life where new experiences abound. As students living on campus, you are un-controlled by your parents house rules, yet still under legal accountability should a crime be committed. It is important to realize that campus crimes are just as serious as crimes committed outside the seemingly protective college-bubble.

The tendency is to feel too comfortable in your new element and forget the risk you run as a minor with state and federal laws prevailing over you. Not only do crimes complicate your academic reputation but they can completely delay your initial life plans as you face legal consequences.

Staying knowledgeable of the crimes unique to University of North Dakota (UND) campus can shape your choices and guide your next-steps should you find yourself in legal trouble.

Majority crime committed is possession

Out of 581 campus incidents reported, 63.7 percent were associated with illegal possession. This could be students possessing alcohol (under age 21), drugs or weapons.

Recent news reported the discovery of 60 pounds of marijuana in the possession of two UND students last year. The students were charged with illegal drug possession, proliferate cash amounts and a rifle after Grand Forks Narcotics Task Force conducted a search. These crimes resulted in a Class A Felony, Class B Felony and a misdemeanor.

Taking wise next-steps

Possession charges can seriously damage your path if not properly represented before the court. If you are facing possession charges, your best chance is to secure strong and experienced legal defense. Good choices often lead to a life with less legal hassle.

Remember, you are always entitled to legal representation. It is a right offered to every person facing criminal charges. Protect your academic future while defending your rights before the court.

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