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What are the warning signs of medical malpractice?

People generally trust their doctors and other medical professionals to provide the care they need when sick or injured. While it may not be realistic to expect our physicians to be able to cure or offer immediate relief to every ailment, these providers are under an obligation to provide a certain standard of care, while avoiding the potential for medical mistakes and errors.

When recovery doesn’t go as planned or a doctor fails to make a diagnosis, how can you tell the difference between a doctor who has done their best and a situation that constitutes medical malpractice? Medical malpractice can happen to anyone, and the warning signs may vary depending on the type of treatment and area of medicine.

If you experience symptoms that dont match your diagnosis: Research has found that misdiagnoses are among the most prominent forms of medical malpractice. If you believe your diagnosis does not match your symptoms, it’s quite possible you’re subject to a misdiagnosis.

If your condition doesnt improve: If you receive treatment and your condition does not get better, or even worsens, it may be a sign of medical malpractice. Medical intervention does not always help, but a lack of improvement may be because something went wrong.

If you sought a second opinion: If you sought a second opinion and it does not fit with the original doctor’s diagnosis, you may be victim to medical malpractice. All doctors should perform the appropriate and necessary tests when making a diagnosis.

Understaffed hospital: Mistakes can happen when hospitals don’t have enough staff to ensure the safety of everyone. If the medical staff failed to give you proper care, you should discuss the situation with an attorney.

Another sign of medical malpractice is if doctors and other medical staff are suddenly unwilling to answer your questions, and you suspect something went wrong, you’ll want to consider speaking with an attorney as soon as possible. You may be entitled to compensation if your medical staff is found guilty of medical malpractice.

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