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Take These Important Next Steps After A DUI Arrest

  1. Consult an attorney. Speaking with an attorney is one of the most important decisions you can make after a DUI arrest. Police officers are trained to make you feel at ease and gather information to prosecute you. Contact us immediately if authorities are questioning you. We will protect your interests during all communications with authorities.
  2. Record the details. DUI charges are often mitigated or eliminated due to details surrounding the arrest. Writing down information about your arrest can be winning ammunition for your case. Write down everything that the police officer said and did. Record your answers. Try to remember why the officer pulled you over and exactly which field sobriety tests they performed.
  3. Request a DMV hearing. You have a limited amount of time to schedule an administrative hearing with the local DMV. This hearing will be completely separate from court hearings. If you do not schedule a hearing then you will automatically have your driver's license revoked. Our attorneys can assist you with scheduling and representation for all DMV hearings.
  4. Prepare for your arraignment. You will need to attend court for an arraignment where you will be formally charged. During this trial you will plead guilty or not guilty. It is important to speak with an attorney before your arraignment date. We will analyze the details of your arrest and will help you determine if you should fight the DUI charge, plead guilty or ask for a plea bargain.

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