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5 Winter driving tips for truck drivers

Commercial truck drivers traverse the country every single day. They perform a necessary job valiantly so we can buy and receive the goods we choose to acquire, but driving a large truck is no easy task. When mother nature unleashes her fury in the form of a thunderstorm or winter storm, driving becomes treacherous, and unless the roads are shut down, commercial drivers and the big rigs are on the road.

As the drivers of semis understand, safety is a top priority. When the roads get icy, it becomes tough to drive safely with a small car, let alone manage a commercial vehicle.

Educate your kids on the risks of using fake IDs

It’s September and you’re sending your children off to college. This is likely the first time in their young lives that they get to experience independence away from home. You trust that they’ll do their best to make good decisions throughout the school year.

While it’s important to let your children go into the world and make mistakes they can learn from, it’s important to educate them on the risks of using fake IDs. Unlike the movies, a student caught using a fake ID creates an unfunny situation.

Should you consent to BAC tests when asked?

On your way home from a night out with friends, you suddenly hear sirens behind you. You check your rear-view mirror to see flashing red and blue lights. As you pull over, you nervously try to recollect what to do during a DUI traffic stop.

To determine whether you were driving while intoxicated, the police officer will ask you to consent to taking tests to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) level. In the heat of the moment, North Dakota drivers may fail to consider whether they have rights in consenting to such tests. Is consenting to a BAC test in your best interests? If you refuse, what consequences could you face?

Four ways parents can prevent teens from driving while distracted

Every year, thousands of people die in crashes that involve distracted driving, and teens are the largest age group reported as distracted during fatal crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To help prevent some of these devastating crashes, it is important for parents to work with their teens to help prevent distracted driving.

Explain the risks

What penalties could I face for a DUI in North Dakota?

Sometimes mistakes happen during a night of drinking. Maybe you planned to drive because you were only going to have one drink, and you were convinced to stay for a little longer and have more. Maybe the alcohol affected you more than you realized. 

No matter how it happened, these decisions landed you on the side of the road with police lights in your rearview mirror. So what happens next?

What are the warning signs of medical malpractice?

People generally trust their doctors and other medical professionals to provide the care they need when sick or injured. While it may not be realistic to expect our physicians to be able to cure or offer immediate relief to every ailment, these providers are under an obligation to provide a certain standard of care, while avoiding the potential for medical mistakes and errors.

When recovery doesn’t go as planned or a doctor fails to make a diagnosis, how can you tell the difference between a doctor who has done their best and a situation that constitutes medical malpractice? Medical malpractice can happen to anyone, and the warning signs may vary depending on the type of treatment and area of medicine.

Saint Paul area judge charged with DWI

There is no law against enjoying some drinks with friends. Choosing to celebrate an evening with a few beers or cocktails is a great way to make memories, build friendships and celebrate new beginnings. Choosing to get behind the wheel of an automobile afterword, however, will land you in jail

This was the situation in January when Ramsey County judge, G. Tony Atwal, was caught driving drunk on New Year’s Day after leaving a New Year’s Eve celebration. Judge Atwal submitted to a breath test after being pulled over by Saint Paul police and registered more than twice the legal blood alcohol limit.

Possession ranks highest for crimes committed on UND campus

College is a wide-eyed time of your life where new experiences abound. As students living on campus, you are un-controlled by your parents house rules, yet still under legal accountability should a crime be committed. It is important to realize that campus crimes are just as serious as crimes committed outside the seemingly protective college-bubble.

The tendency is to feel too comfortable in your new element and forget the risk you run as a minor with state and federal laws prevailing over you. Not only do crimes complicate your academic reputation but they can completely delay your initial life plans as you face legal consequences.

What to do if you slip and fall on ice

North Dakota has no shortage of freezing cold weather. Although a winter wonderland can be fitting for the holiday season, it also creates hazards like slippery roads and sidewalks.

This is why winter can be the most dangerous time of the year in terms of personal injuries like falling on ice. It's important to know what to do after suffering a slip-and-fall accident. In some cases, you might be able to file a claim to receive compensation.

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