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Helping Injured Boaters After A Devastating Accident

A day out on the lake is one of the favorite ways to spend the summer for people across North Dakota and Northern Minnesota. While these days can be fun and carefree, it only takes a moment of carelessness to cause a lifetime of injury complications. When someone’s reckless actions on the lake cause your catastrophic injuries, you will need help pursuing the compensation you need to recover.

When you come to the Grand Forks office of Reichert Law Office, you can meet with a team of attorneys that is dedicated to your best interest. Our lawyers have more than 25 years of experience representing the best interests of our clients, and we are prepared to help you recover from the unique injuries that come from boating accidents.

How A Boating Accident Can Harm You

Over the decades that we have been representing clients through their personal injury claims, we have helped them recover the full and fair compensation they deserve for boating injuries such as:

  • Accidental amputations and extreme lacerations caused by boat motors driving over a person
  • Broken bones and traumatic brain injuries from boat collisions or ejections
  • Severe rope burns or crushed limbs from loose ropes that suddenly become taut

These and other boating injuries can leave a victim with extensive medical bills, lost income, loss of earning potential, social difficulties due to disfigurement, and pain and suffering. Our goal in injury claims is to help our clients earn a settlement that reflects the total current and future consequences of their injuries, whether we need to pursue that outcome through negotiation or litigation.

We Are Here To Help You

After your boating accident, you may be feeling pressure from the liable party or their insurance to leave lawyers out of things. Instead of assuming the result of leaving money on the table in your claim, let us fight to earn every penny that you deserve. Call us at 701-314-2203 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation today.