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Navigating The Hurdles Of A Truck Accident Claim

All personal injury claims have the potential to be complicated and exhausting, but accidents involving a commercial truck seem always to be some of the most difficult and tiring. Without extensive experience in these claims, you assume the risk of not earning the money you need to recover from your injuries. Instead of representing yourself, allow a skilled legal team to stand up for your needs.

The guidance a skilled personal injury team can offer could determine whether you earn the outcome you deserve in your claim. At Reichert Law Office, we offer more than 25 years of legal experience to the people of North Dakota and Northern Minnesota. From our Grand Forks office, we take the time to review the individual needs of our clients and craft custom-tailored strategies to hold the liable party accountable for your truck accident injuries.

Who Could Be Responsible For Your Injuries

In a truck accident, several unseen parties may ultimately be responsible for the injuries you sustained. When you come to us for help, we will meticulously review the details of your accident and consider who we should pursue a claim against, including parties such as:

  • The truck driver – Every driver has the opportunity to cause an accident. Truck drivers are vulnerable to the same distractions as any driver, such as phones, food, fixing their appearance, and adjusting their radio or navigation system.
  • The trucking company – A business that knowingly hired a driver with a history of accidents and reckless driving charges, failed to train their employees or verified their employee had sufficient training could be liable for the accident their driver is involved in.
  • The parts manufacturer – A single part failure in a commercial truck can be enough to cause disastrous injuries. If the manufacturer of the part is proven to have made faulty parts, the responsibility for any related accidents could fall on them.

When we represent our clients, we take it upon ourselves to handle as much of the legal matters in their claims as possible, so they can focus on their health while we fight for them. Let us untangle the mess of your motor vehicle accident claim while you tend to your medical needs.

Leave Your Claim In Good Hands

Part of what makes us a successful law firm is that we are just as invested in our client’s cases as they are. Come to our Grand Forks office to see for yourself how we can stand as your personal injury attorney. Call our lawyers at 701-314-2203 or email us here to help schedule your initial consultation today.