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Defending Your Future Against Assault Charges

When tensions flare between you and someone else, things may get out of hand and can result in you facing assault charges. These charges can jeopardize your rights, future and freedom, and trying to represent yourself against your charges can leave you with some of the worst outcomes in your case. Instead of taking chances with your future, let a skilled criminal defense team protect your future.

At Reichert Law Office, we have more than 25 years of experience shielding our clients from their criminal charges. We represent clients throughout North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, and we are prepared to develop a personalized strategy to defend you against your charges.

How We Stand Against Assault Charges

It can be easy to feel as if there is no defending yourself against assault accusations, but there may be grounds for a viable defense in your case. Depending on the unique factors of your situation, we may be able to explore defenses like:

  • Self-defense – The physical actions you are accused of were actually performed in the interest of protecting yourself from someone else.
  • Protecting someone else – Your alleged assault was committed in the defense of someone else.
  • Necessity – Your actions that resulted in assault charges were necessary.
  • Duress – You were forced to commit an act of violence by the threat of harm.
  • Mistaken identity – You were accused of a crime someone else committed.

To help build your strongest possible defense against your charges, we scrutinize the details of your case, the events leading up to the arrest, the alleged evidence against you and anything else that may pertain to your charges. We are committed to doing everything in our power to help you beat your charges, but if beating your charges is not an attainable goal, we can also represent you to minimize the charges and sentencing you are facing or even negotiate to maximize your plea deal.

Leave Your Case In Good Hands

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