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Getting Help After An Off-Road Accident

Riding ATVs and UTVs is common throughout North Dakota and Northern Minnesota. Whether you are riding them on a trip, for hunting or to haul equipment in places a truck cannot get to, you need to be sure you are operating these vehicles in a safe manner. When someone fails to maintain this safety and causes you serious injuries as a result, legal action may be necessary to cover the costs of your recovery.

Our lawyers at Reichert Law Office have more than 25 years of experience representing injured clients through their personal injury claims. In the decades we have been defending the needs of our clients, we have fought tirelessly to maximize the outcomes our clients receive in their claims, and we are ready to use that experience to your advantage.

How We Help Our Clients

The guidance we offer in a motor vehicle accident claim can be invaluable to you. We can help you avoid making critical mistakes like talking to insurance agents alone or accepting a lowball settlement offer. Additionally, we can ensure we are doing everything possible to bolster your injury claim, such as:

  • Gathering all documents related to your accident
  • Locate and interview any witnesses
  • Collect photos or videos of the accident site
  • Ensure you are following your doctor’s orders
  • Determine what the total damages of your injuries are

Once we have prepared your claim, we look to resolve it through negotiations quickly. While negotiations are often the most reliable method for a fast and effective resolution, sometimes they are not able to yield the outcome you deserve. We will take your claim to court to fight for a fair compensation figure in these cases. Our team has stood before the U.S. Supreme Court to protect our clients, so we are more than ready to represent you in any court.

You Can Depend On Our Team

After a serious injury, knowing who to turn to or what to do next to recover can be hard. The staff at our Grand Forks office is ready to lead you through every step of your injury claim, and we are only a phone call away. Schedule your free initial consultation with us by calling 701-314-2203 or emailing us here to take the first step in your claim today.