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The Grand Forks Legal Team You Need After A Bicycle Accident

Last updated on July 1, 2024

Far too many motorists simply do not know how to share the road with bicyclists. When accidents happen, cyclists often suffer serious – even fatal – injuries.

At the Reichert Law Office, injured bikers will find a proven legal team with a track record of successful cases. For more than 25 years, our Grand Forks lawyers have been winning cases for injured cyclists throughout North Dakota and northern Minnesota.

How Is Liability Determined After A Bicycle Accident?

Liability for a bicycle crash is determined in much the same way as any other motor vehicle accident. That means looking at:

  • The police report to see if the driver was cited for a traffic error, distracted driving, failure to control their vehicle, failure to maintain an assured clear distance or some other indication of negligence
  • Photographs, videos and witness statements can also provide critical evidence and help establish the sequence of events leading up to the bicycle wreck and who had the right of way

Both North Dakota and Minnesota use a comparative negligence rule, which means that injured cyclists can still generally recover compensation for their losses even if they were partially at fault for a wreck, up to a certain degree. However, their compensation will be reduced according to the percentage of liability they are assigned.

If you are an injured cyclist, that makes it essential to have an experienced attorney by your side to prevent an errant driver or their insurance company from trying to unfairly blame you for your own injuries.

What Types Of Compensation Can Bicycle Accident Victims Receive?

Injured cyclists can obtain compensation for both their economic and noneconomic losses. This includes things like:

  • The value of your damaged property, including your bike
  • Your lost wages during your recovery time
  • The value of your future lost wages if your earnings capacity is permanently impaired
  • The cost of your hospital bills, ambulance bill, physical therapy, doctor visits and medications
  • The value of your pain and suffering, the loss of enjoyment of your hobbies or life, and the psychological harm that you have endured

The more severe your injuries, the higher the compensation you are likely due.

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