Bold Courtroom Strategies For Over 20 Years

The attorneys at Reichert Law Office have over 20 years of professional experience solving legal problems. We are dedicated, prepared and skilled trial attorneys, waiting to hear your side of the story. We offer representation for criminal defense, personal injury, divorce and family law in Grand Forks and throughout North Dakota and northern Minnesota.

We make bold, yet strategic moves in the courtroom. We have fought for our clients' rights in state courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. We use specific trial tactics and deep knowledge of the law to secure reduced charges, acquittals and not guilty verdicts for serious criminal cases. Our attorneys have won multiple murder trials and federal capital punishment cases. We have reached million-dollar settlements in personal injury claims. Our methods work, and we will show up to court prepared to battle for you.

Down-To-Earth Attorneys At Your Side When You Need It Most

The legal process is muddled with complex requirements and overly complicated terminology. We take a different approach. Our attorneys are relatable and offer down-to-earth counsel. We give straightforward legal advice, keeping you informed and prepared.

You will not face this difficult period of your life alone, even if it appears that the odds are stacked against you. Our firm does not back down against difficult cases. We will fight to protect your rights. Our attorneys understand the complexities of the law, and will uncover facts and details to achieve the best possible results for your case.

When facing criminal charges we analyze the circumstances of the arrest, uncovering misconduct or mishandling of evidence. If you are recovering from an injury, then we will work to uncover any hint of negligence by the other party. When facing divorce and child custody issues we will fight to protect your assets and preserve parenting time with your children.

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