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Personal Injury FAQ

Do you have questions about how personal injury claims work in North Dakota and Minnesota? You are not alone. Our clients come to us with many questions about what compensation they are entitled to, what it takes to prevail and so on. Here are the answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions our team of attorneys receives.

How is compensation determined in a North Dakota personal injury case?

There are several types of damages you can claim after a personal injury. Most of them can be put into two categories: economic damages and noneconomic damages. Economic damages include costs such as your medical bills, lost wages and any income you expect to lose in the future because of your injuries, which are relatively easy to put a price tag on. Your bill statements and old pay stubs put a precise dollar figure on the extent to which the defendant’s negligence has financially harmed you in these categories.

Noneconomic damages are less concrete. They include things like your pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship and other consequences that, while no less real, are more challenging to value accurately. It often requires expert investigation and testimony to determine just how badly your injuries have affected you in those ways.

What should I do if an insurance company denies my injury claim?

Your next move should be to contact a personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies often rely on claimants not knowing their legal rights, including their right to appeal rejected claims. Our personal injury attorneys can advise you of your options for recovering reasonable compensation after a rejection.

How long does it typically take to reach a personal injury settlement?

Every case is different, and there is no set time frame for personal injury claims. However, most cases take a little under one year to settle. If your case goes to trial, it generally takes longer than that to resolve.

What is the statute of limitations on personal injury cases in North Dakota?

Generally, you have six years from the date you suffered your injury to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, the statute of limitations time limit is just two years for wrongful death and medical malpractice claims.

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