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Injured in a pedestrian accident? Three things to know.

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2023 | Car Accidents

Walking is a great form of exercise and a relatively safe mode of transportation. Unfortunately, accidents can happen even when we take precautions like watching for traffic and obeying traffic signals. Those hit by a driver while walking likely have many questions. The following information can help provide some answers.

#1: Pedestrian accidents are a problem.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation Highway Safety Division reports that a pedestrian is involved in a traffic accident more than once per week. This translates to more than 72 injuries and 6 fatalities in 2022 alone.

Unfortunately, pedestrians are at a disadvantage compared to vehicles as they do not have the same protections. This means the injuries in a pedestrian accident are often far more catastrophic when compared to a car crash involving two vehicles. If you suffered serious injuries, know that it was not your fault. The rules of physics were not on your side.

#2: Lawmakers are considering changing the law to protect pedestrians.

With our technological innovations, you would think that things would be getting better, that vehicles would detect pedestrians and hit the brakes before a collision. Unfortunately, thus far, the data shows that this is not the case. Instead, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of fatal and serious pedestrian accidents in recent years. This has triggered numerous legislative proposals to make our roadway safe for pedestrians and cyclists.

One example involves the removal of the ability to turn right on red. Cities throughout the country are considering such bans. Safety advocates note that the move would reduce the risk of serious accidents, pointing to the fact that pickup trucks and SUVs have far too many blind spots and contribute to serious pedestrian crashes when making these right-hand turns into oncoming traffic. In the past, if a driver struck a pedestrian, the pedestrian would likely crumple onto the hood of the car. Now, more drivers own these larger vehicles. When the pedestrian is struck, instead of crumpling onto the hood, they are more likely to fall under the vehicle, likely getting run over and suffering much more serious injury.

#3: Legal remedies are likely available.

Those injured in a pedestrian accident due to another driver’s negligent actions are likely eligible for legal remedies. These can include funds to help cover the cost of medical care and missed wages. An attorney experienced in personal injury lawsuits can review your accident and discuss your options.